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Mojo Blue Throated Macaw

Date: June 9, 2016

Avian Adventures Aviary was a guiding light in an otherwise confusing maze of information that would-be parrot purchasers have to navigate! What a pleasure it was to meet people like Mark Saunders and Rita Groszmann who are so dedicated to the wellbeing of their flock and own personal parrots. They answered every question I had and then some. Rita was never too busy to take my calls or answer my questions and when I visited the aviary, I was delighted to find a clean, comfortable home for the birds, one of the best I have ever seen.

When I decided to buy a Blue-Throated Macaw, Mojo, Rita walked me through the entire process and included feeding and training materials when I came to pick him up. Completely weaned and fledged when I arrived, Mojo was trained to come on command, to know when to have a “gentle” beak and to give kisses. He is a happy thriving youngster, curious and full of life. I couldn’t ask for a better companion or to have had a better experience buying a parrot. I love my little buddy and can’t wait to add another. Many many thanks!!

Lompoc, CA

Loosi and Rikki Scarlet Macaws

Date: June 9, 2016

About a year ago my husband and I decided to move forward with our dream of free flying parrots. We were coached that the best candidates for free flight parrots were large, loud, and colorful. This led us to macaws. We were investigating different species and hybrids and although I have always been particularly fond of scarlet macaws we were warned against them by several people, as well as the internet.

We were also coached that in order to facilitate their early development of flight skills and recall, it was absolutely imperative that we hand feed the babies ourselves. Because of this we ended up with a sibling pair of eight week old Buffon’s macaws. Hand raising and weaning these babies was hugely challenging and stressful. It often meant they had to come to work with me, which was really disruptive.

After a lot of consideration we decided we wanted to fly another pair of macaws and I reached out to Rita. I knew I didn't have the energy to go through that weaning process again but felt it was really important that the babies be exposed to some flight and recall training prior to bringing them into our flock. I have to say, that the Scarlet macaw that Rita raised is absolutely amazing! She bonded very quickly to us and the bond that she has to my husband is amazing! In fact, she may actually be MORE bonded than the Buffon’s. We were so impressed with her flight skills, gentleness, and aptitude for recall that we decided another Scarlet macaw from Rita would be the perfect candidate to round out our free flight team. Three weeks ago we added our fourth macaw and the final member of our flock. Rikki arrived at five months old and already demonstrates even better flight skills than her older sister Loosie. We honestly didn’t even know that was possible because Loosie flies like a swallow! Loosie flocks with the Buffon’s now (after proper training) and they take HUGE flights together, ALWAYS returning to our property to land.

I have to say, that the necessity of handfeeding and training an unweaned baby macaw in order for it to be a stellar free flight candidate is absolute fallacy. It would be true, unless you find a breeder like Rita. Both of our scarlets are absolute dream birds. I know they are both still babies but our Buffon’s have NEVER been as gentle and responsive as the scarlets, nor as tightly bonded.

These scarlets are truly the best of all worlds; amazing fliers, super gentle, very bonded and responsive and stunningly beautiful.

THANK YOU Rita and Mark for your amazing babies! I would be MORE than happy to talk to anyone interested in adopting one of your babies as a free flight candidate.

Kim and David
Gig Harbor, WA

Khaleesi Blue Throated Macaw

Date: Dec 19, 2014

I remember listening to a voice mail from Rita informing me that a blue throated macaw baby had hatched and was available. This call came as a surprise, as I did not expect a baby to hatch in the summer and had given up on the idea of having one this year. Since the day I received the call, Rita and I have been in constant communication about the baby, getting updated pictures of her and learning about her development and her sweet temperament. Rita was very helpful in answering my millions of questions about the baby and how to prepare for her arrival at home. While waiting for the day that I was scheduled to pick up my baby and take her home seemed endless, it was all worth it the moment I saw her.

Rita and Mark have done an amazing job in raising a confident and social baby bird. Khaleesi (my baby’s name) is a true joy. She traveled for 4.5 hours on our way home and was absolutely comfortable and playful through the entire ride. This is thanks to the fact that Rita and Mark incorporate car rides into the upbringing of their baby birds, so that they are accustomed to being in a car. Even on her first day home, Khaleesi was comfortable, playing on her perch with such confidence as if she has always been with us.

It is hard to put into words the beautiful creature that Rita and Mark have allowed me to bring home. She is not only gorgeous, but has the sweetest personality. She adapted to her new home with lightening speed and her intelligence amazes me every day. Needless to say, it is obvious she had the best possible start in life under the loving care of Rita and Mark. The thought and care that Rita and Mark put into raising their baby birds is apparent when you see how confident and loving they grow to be. I am so glad I made the decision to purchase Khaleesi from Mark and Rita. I could not have made a better choice. Thank you!

Oakland, CA

Bijou Greenwing Macaw

Date: October 7, 2014

I have always enjoyed companion birds; however, I never had one of my very own. My husband came with a 35-year-old Amazon Blue Front. As I watched their sweet interactions, I knew I had to seek a feathered companion.

I did some research and contacted three breeders. Only one responded and that was Rita Groszmann. That has to be the luckiest event for me and my family. From that first moment when we made contact by telephone through bringing my new friend home, Rita has been attentive as if right by my side, coaching, praising, correcting and helping me forge a relationship with my Bijou. Her support goes beyond the day the baby gets to go to her forever home. I know I can call or write to Rita any time with any bird-rearing question.

During that first conversation, she spent over an hour explaining the personalities of different companion birds, what needs they might have and helping me think through what would be the best option for me. She invited me to look at some pictures of a Green Wing Macaw that she had been raising since hatching. I was so excited I could not wait to get home and see the pictures. And so began my journey. I fell in love with the Green Wing and totally bonded to Rita.

Rita is not a “mass-breeder.” She raises a few very high quality birds and is very selective when it comes to the adoptive parents. Bijou is a sweet, extraordinary bird. She loves and trust people, craves affection and loves to snuggle. At a sad moment for me recently, she crawled on my chest and gave me a “wing-hug” by spreading her wings across my chest. This kind of gentle bird can only come from a breeder who interacts with the birds on a daily basis, plays and gently teaches what is OK and not. Bijou is an amazing bird and I know it is all because of the work that Rita did with her.

I visited with Bijou while she was being weaned. Rita and Mark welcomed us to come and bond with my birdie. Their home was totally amazing. Cages, a huge outdoor aviary, play stands, hanging gyms and he joyful chaos that comes with a group of animals (human too) living together in harmony.

Inviting a companion bird into your life is not a decision to be considered lightly. It is a forever commitment. In addition to the careful thought, it also requires a lot of preparation. As my husband said about me on a FaceBook post, “the terminally educated Ivy is now on a new learning curve.” That is exactly what it is. With Rita’s guidance and the wonderful, instructive links on her website, I dug deeper and deeper into learning about this strange creature that was about to come into my life. I learned a lot and bringing my new friend home was still nothing like I had imagined. It was better.

I didn’t just bring home another pet from a breeder. I brought home a carefully nurtured friend who took very little time to bond with me. I get wing-hugs, snuggles and playful nips. And when she exhibits behaviors I do not understand, I call Rita and she is every time ready to offer advice…and she is always right. When Bijou started “beak-raking” on my neck, I panicked. I thought I suddenly had an unruly bird on my hands. I called Rita and she told me it was a common behavior for Green Wings and what to do. The behavior stopped by the next day and has not occurred since.

If you want a companion bird, you don’t want to just go to a pet store, buy a bird and stick it in a cage. You won’t be happy. You need to talk to Rita and Mark and see how wonderfully changed your life can be with a loving companion bird that was raised by loving people.


Berkeley, CA

Charlie and Lucy Greenwing Macaw and Umbrella Cockatoo

Date: June, 2013

Charlie and Lucy Greenwing Macaw and Umbrella CockatooI guess you can say that we’ve been bird people from the start. One of my earliest and most fond memories of animals is little “Petya” (Russian for Petie) our first yellow budgerigar. He was present for what seems like a very long time in my childhood recollections, or maybe it was just that he made a relatively big impression. It was quite a few years later, in my early teens, that my sister brought home Max. He was mesmerizing; a baby Blue and Gold with quite a personality. It was about that time that my sister married and went on to her new life with Max in tote. Fast forward six years and circumstances changed, as they do so Max came to live with me, rather abruptly. The extent to which that bird enriched my life can only be understood by those who have had strong bonds with companion birds.

When Max abruptly passed in the early hours of that Sunday in June of 2012, my life was dramatically impacted, even more I thought possible. The time away from work and the near catatonic state was more than I anticipated; I’m thankful for the support of my family through those dark days. The house was very quiet.
Time is a miraculous tonic for all that ails us. As I began to realize that my life wouldn’t really be complete without that piece of avian love that I so craved, Rita & Mark came into the picture. What they are able to accomplish with such consistency in these animals they so lovingly raise, is nothing short of incredible.
My first visit exceeded all of my expectation. This is a bird lovers’ paradise complete with a large free standing aviary housing several breeding pairs, indoor and outdoor flight pens, toys, play-stands and cages galore. There are at least six different types of parrots including macaws, cockatoos and African grays’ , all living in harmony; no small feat.

What I came away with from that visit was more than I thought was possible. Charlie, my beautiful Green Wing Macaw and Lucy, my little monkey disguised as an Umbrella Cockatoo have given me more joy than I thought was possible after Max was gone. Mark and Rita have been, and continue to be AMAZINNG through the entire process. The time, care, attention and love they put into this endeavor comes through in each and every bird that they place. Also, the amount of support, knowledge and time that they so generously share with each and every person lucky enough to get one of their birds is unparalleled.

THANK YOU Rita and Mark for giving me what thought I could never have again, as well as newly found friendship in the process.


Woodland, CA

Kona Greenwing Macaw

Date: March, 2013

I just wanted to write to thank you so much for our Kona. He is such a great bird, and has been such a pleasure to have!

I have been reading about how typically when you bring a bird into your home you have a lot of training ahead of you in order to be able to get your bird comfortable with being handled. Also, apparently it can be difficult to get a bird to accept the varied diet required to keep him healthy, and building a strong bond is a whole other issue. I’m very excited to say that we have not had any of these problems with our “bird-baby”! He loves being handled and interacted with; he accepts and enjoys basically every fruit, veggie, and other food we give him; and he seemed to love us from the beginning. His inclination to trust people is a rare and wonderful characteristic in a parrot. I know all of this is a direct result of the work you and Mark do. The amount of time, effort, and love that you put into your birds is obvious. You just can’t get a bird like Kona from a pet store, even if they are handfed. Not only that, hiring an animal behaviorist to train your bird is a very expensive service, that you two provided for free out of love and your sheer desire to set your babies and their new families up for success. Even the parts of his personality that are genetic are a result of your careful decisions about which birds to allow to breed.

Waiting for Kona to come home felt longer than it was, but it was so worth the wait. I know I could have gone to an exotic bird store and walked out with a bird the same day. I also know how important it is to avoid being hasty, especially when picking a pet who will likely out live you! I did a lot of research before choosing a breeder, and I am so glad I did. I didn’t want a bird from an unknown source, with unpredictable health and personality provided by parents that I had no information about. I also didn’t want a bird from a large facility that could provide little interaction beyond hand feeding. I wanted exactly what you provided my family: a bird that was well loved, frequent updates and adorable pictures, quick response to even the silliest of questions, availability and interest in talking on the phone as needed, and advice that I could trust. It didn’t even occur to me that a breeder would send me a trained bird, and you guys did that too!

Again, thank you for everything, including your continued availability when I have questions. Rest assured knowing that Kona is loved and has a wonderful life in our home. He is wonderful to interact with, cuddles like a puppy, learns quickly (he already knows to wave, take a bow, spin, “reach for the stars”, and nod his head), and is well behaved (and quiet!) when entertaining himself on his play gym. My family and I look forward to working with you again when it’s time for bird-baby #2!


Amy and Chris
Willow Grove, PA

TuTu Umbrella Cockatoo

Date: March 18, 2012

Thank you Rita, Mark, and Sue for raising such an amazing bird.

I decided I wanted to get another cockatoo but didn’t know where to start to find one. After many hours and many long nights of research I was getting very discouraged.

Then I found Avian Adventures Aviary. The website alone has so much information that I wish I had found it at the beginning of my research. Each time I spoke with Rita over the phone she was so patient and answered all of my questions. In all my years of having birds I have never met anyone, including breeders, pet stores, and veterinarians, that have the wealth of information that Rita does. I am always truly amazed.

My husband and I went for a visit and there was TuTu in this amazing outside aviary. Rita had us sit at a table so TuTu could get to know us. I love that it wasn’t just our decision but also whether or not Rita, Mark, and TuTu felt we were a good match. I really didn’t expect to be able to touch him the first time but when he let me touch him and then he perched in the crook of my arm making baby noises there was no turning back. The next test was taking my 10 year old son out to visit. Rita and Mark explained to him what to do and were so good in guiding my son.

The love that Rita, Mark, and their assistant, Sue have for all of their birds is obvious. When we brought him home he already knew the commands, “step up”, “down”, and “come here”. When we walk into his room he says, “What are you doin' TuTu?” and he tells my son, “I love you”. TuTu will be on top of our bed and Nicholas will get on the floor and try to hide. TuTu will strut over to where Nicholas is, stand up very tall and look down at Nicholas as if saying, “You can’t hide from me”. When Nicholas pops up, TuTu puffs out all his feathers, flaps his wings, and squawks in excitement. Then they start all over again. He has such a personality that keeps us all laughing. When we sit to watch TV he climbs right under the blanket and cuddles. When my husband is home TuTu makes the cutest little noises until he goes in and talks to him. When Jeff pulls into the driveway, TuTu makes a different sound and I know Jeff is home. We chose to keep TuTu fully flighted, which means being more attentive, but we play hide and seek. I’ll go into a room and call his name then he flies in to find me. When he is tired of me he flies into Nicholas’ room to help with homework. We laugh that instead of the excuse that the dog ate the paper we can say the bird ate the paper.

In the short 6 months that he has been with us but we cannot imagine a time that he wasn’t in our lives. Again, thank you Rita, Mark, and Sue for the endless hours you have put into the caring, loving, and teaching of your birds so when they join our homes we have a feathered friend for life.


Jeff, Shelly, and Nicholas
Redding, CA

Simon Blue and Gold Macaw

Date: February, 2012

I have had parrots in my life since I was a small child. I have loved them since the first time I saw one. They are the most amazing, and more importantly, intelligent animals on this earth.

After not having one in my house for years, I convinced my husband that we NEEDED one.. He was a little on the apprehensive side at first, but then decided that it was kind of a cool idea. I did a lot of research into what kind of large birds were better in a home with children, considering I have 3, and came to the conclusion that we should get a blue and gold....

After quite some time, I stumbled upon Rita's site, and that was the last place I looked. She is so amazing. The first time we talked, I think I was in the phone with her for 2 hours, talking about my experiences with birds growing up and what she thought was good for our family and also about my husband’s fears about owning a bird..

When it was time for us to come and meet Simon, I brought my husband with me so he could have exposure to the bird before we actually took Simon home. It was the BEST thing I could have done for both me and my husband... Simon took right to him, was loving all up on my husband and the whole 2 hours we were there, it was all about him and the bird... When we left, my husband said to me "Why didn't we get a bird sooner?"

Since that point, he and Simon have been inseparable… the bird goes everywhere with him, he cuddles in bed with him like a human. He is the sweetest bird I have ever owned... My children play with him, and he is so sweet and loving to anyone. I don't think this bird knows he is a bird. I am a true believer that the way Rita rears these parrots has EVERYTHING to do with the personality of these birds. They come to you so well rounded, not scared of the human touch, and so willing to receive human affection.

I would never buy a parrot from anyone other then Avian Adventures Aviary for the plain simple fact that you can see the pride and dedication that she has to raising amazing parrots. It's not just something that she does, it’s in her heart and soul, and for me that’s what it takes to raise birds. Thank you so much for everything, Rita.

Marshan And Kevin
Willits, CA

Willow Umbrella Cockatoo

Date: October, 2011

After mourning 1.1/2 years after the death of my Moluccan Cockatoo, Nym, who had been "My Baby" for over 21 years; I felt ready to move on and adopt another baby Cockatoo.Willow - Umbrella Cockatoo

After much research through the Internet, friends, and professional friends, I was given the name of a breeder, Rita, and her husband Mark, and their Aviary: Avian Adventures Aviary.

To my delight; she had a baby Umbrella Cockatoo 8 weeks old available [ her hatch date was 12/1/10] ; and I arranged to drive there to meet the next day.

When I arrived at Avian Adventures; I was greeted very warmly by both Rita and Sue. Sue is their aviary assistant that helps with the over all operation of the aviary.

It was love at first sight for both Willow and I, and I started building a friendship with Rita, Mark and Sue.

The birds have the nicest possible set up: from thermometers checking the temperature of the formula, a safe haven to play, develop social skills, and learn basic commands… all provided with nurturing love and guidance, high quality foods, fresh fruits and vegetables, soft, cooked foods and clean drinking water.

When the babies are older, Avian Adventures Aviary has a professional Flight Room loaded with table tops of play toys to encourage fun, safe play and bonding with humans, ropes from the ceiling, a large, safe place to fly that looks out into the picturesque mountains with every safety in place like paper tape marking the windows, protected heater, play stands surrounding the entire room, hanging interactive toys, and 100 percent supervision at all times.

I wanted to bond very closely with Willow. Rita took time every week for 10 weeks from her busy schedule to spend two hours a visit with me and Willow. With her gentle, professional guidance, Willow and I learned so much. Inspired by the beautiful flight room in their aviary, I set up Willow's room as a flight room. She has her nice big stainless steel cage, ropes hanging from the ceiling, and a card table padded with fun, safe toys to play with. Her room looks out into the forest, and she is so happy., talking both in Umbrella-ese and English.

The result: Every bird, not just Willow, who is raised with hours and hours of one-on-one time, training, love, and nurturing guidance, becomes a well-adjusted, happy, playful bird that loves affection, kisses, cuddling, and being with people.

If you are looking for the healthiest, most socially well-adjusted , loving, playful, interactive parrot; the best possible place is Avian Adventures Aviary.

Every owner is sent home with a complete guideline for feeding, and both Rita and Mark have answered my numerous calls and emails, even after Willow came home to live with me, with finesse, continued guidance, and kindness.

In addition; Rita is a professional photographer. She emailed me with progress photos of Willow,and captured the exact moment the first time we met, when Willow and I fell in love.

Willow will be 10 months old tomorrow and she loves to fly. With her training at Avian Adventures Aviary, she will come to me when I call her both on foot, and will fly to me, too. It is so thrilling every time she flies to me!!! She loves to play with her toys. Today after choosing a Raffia star from her play table, she flew to her rope, played with her star up near the ceiling, then flew back to me, handed me the star in her beak, and wanted to cuddle in my arms for about 20 minutes. She is talking very clearly. Every time she sees a new toy, or a new food, or a butterfly or bird outside she says " Oh Look!!!" It gets a smile out of me every time.

Their website says it all and it is the absolute truth: Our Babies Love To Be Loved.

Thank You, Rita, Mark, and Sue, for giving me the Umbrella Cockatoo of my dreams, Love,

El Sobrante, CA

Maya Greenwing Macaw

Date: April 1, 2011

Much to our shock, our 26-year old greenwing macaw got cancer and died in 2009. We had expected him to be with us for the rest of our lives. Although we have a 16-year old Goffin's cockatoo we got at three months of age, and a 15 year-old blue-and-gold macaw that we got as a four month old, we missed our greenwing and decided to fill his empty cage with another one. None seemed to be available in Hawaii at the time, so we took our search to the internet. After several weeks, we zeroed in on Avian Adventures Aviary. We were impressed with their website--the numerous photos of happy babies, copious information about macaws, detailed testimonials that spanned back several years, and their philosophy of how they raise their babies and then hand-pick who they will sell one to.

After a few communications, Rita enthusiastically agreed to ship a baby to Hawaii, despite not fully knowing what she was getting into. Hawaii has some specific requirements to bring a bird into the state, and a pre-shipment quarantine period. She, Mark, and their avian vet, Dr. Schlicting, jumped through every hoop and got our baby here safe and sound. They even insisted that we call them immediately after Maya's flight touched down and the agricultural inspection station would allow us to see the bird, despite the fact that the soonest that would be in their time zone would be 1 a.m.

Due to Hawaii's pre- and post- arrival requirements, as well as travel time, Maya was in her crate about 30 hours straight before getting her home. Not surprisingly, she was initially afraid of us. We set her crate down on our bed and opened the door and allowed her to climb out on her own. She accepted various nuts and foot toys from us, but didn't want to step up. After about five hours, she stepped up onto my wrist and within only a few minutes, she deciding that I was okay and walked up my bent arm to my elbow and laid her head on my chest! She melted when I began to scratch her and she's been a little cutie ever since!

It was within only the first week or two that I e-mailed Rita to inform her that they hadn't sent us a macaw, but a Love Bird! She is the most affectionate, curious, playful little kook. Rita, Mark, and their assistant, Sue, did an excellent job of starting Maya on basic commands. It is also very apparent, by how lightening quick she learns (such as how to climb onto the leather couches without scratching them, going into the cage when told, etc.) that Avian Adventures' training and play protocols stimulated her mind in a variety of ways to bring her full intelligence and curiosity to the fore. Another plus to working with Avian Adventures was the weekly photos and mini updates we got of our baby's progress for the first two months or so, and continuing updates at various intervals thereon. We printed out all of those early photos and now have a baby book!

As an experienced large bird owner, who finished up hand-feeding and rearing my other two birds, I highly recommend Avian Adventures Aviary.


Bijou Blue Throated Macaw

Date: March, 2011

I have had my wonderful Red Fronted macaw "Baybee" for six years now and always knew I would add another macaw to my flock
when the time was right. After several months of research I decided on a Blue Throated macaw. Trouble is they are VERY hard to find.

I was thrilled to discover Avian Adventures Aviary and the very knowledgeable Rita and Mark. The first time I called Rita spent a good 30 minutes answering all my questions with such patience and enthusiasm. I knew then that I would look no further. Rita sent me many pictures and updates from the day my little guy hatched until the day he was weaned. She was very accessible and answered
all my many questions along the way...she even helped me choose his name.

I went to visit Bijou a few times at Avian Adventures Aviary and got to see first hand how Rita and Mark raise their babies. I was there each time for several hours and was so impressed with their warmth and friendliness, their willingness to share their extensive knowledge and their obvious passion for the health and well being of the baby parrots they raise.

Bijou is an absolute joy!
From the day I brought him home he just settled right in as part of the family as if I had known him for years (which is a huge testament
to how he was raised and socialized by Rita and Mark).
Bijou is incredibly smart and learns very quickly.
He is curious, inquisitive, acrobatic and so playful.
He is quiet(never screams) and best of all....the absolute biggest love bug in the world!! I have never experienced a more affectionate bird in my life!! And, did I mention his elegant, exquisite beauty?

Blue Throated macaws are rare and difficult to find but, in my opinion, they are like a best kept secret....a perfect macaw....people don't know what they are missing!
Thank you so much Rita and Mark for all the love, care and time you put into raising my Bijou.

Santa Rosa, CA

Fergie Blue and Gold Macaw

Date: March, 2010

I began researching parrots in the beginning of 2009. I wanted to educate myself and my son before we made the decision to bring a bird into the family. We read books and searched the internet for information. After several months of research I found Mark and Rita’s website. I was so excited to find a comprehensive site with loads of information and resources. I contacted Mark and Rita and found two very special people that were willing to talk with us and guide us along in our decision making process. We made a few visits to their aviary and we were able to meet our parrot along with many other beautiful babies.

We brought Fergie, our Blue and Gold Macaw, home in October of 2009. When we brought Fergie home she was such a well socialized bird and knew basic commands taught to her by Mark and Rita. She is so gentle with everyone. We have continued to socialize her with everyone that visits. We have had her for about six months now. She is almost a year old and has several words in her vocabulary. What a blessing she has been to our home. My wife who was not too interested in the beginning is now absolutely in love with Fergie. She has officially changed her name to “Pretty Pretty Princess Fergie”.

Being new parrot owners we knew we would need advice along the way. Mark and Rita are always willing to help us when we have questions or concerns. We found Mark and Rita are passionate professionals in their field. As a bonus we found great friends in the process. Many thanks,

Rex and Tracey
Lewiston, CA

Sapphire Hyacinth Macaw

Date: January, 2010

I have been waiting for a hyacinth macaw to join my family for at least fifteen years. I have done lots of research and, in my opinion, a hyacinth macaw is the best-of-the-best. I have an umbrella cockatoo and she is pretty awesome herself. When fortune smiled on me and I was able to open my home to a hyacinth I began looking for a breeder or aviary that would have one available. I began by looking for adoptions but since hyacinths are such great birds people rarely part with them. I looked for a reputable aviary for quite some time until I found Avian Adventures Aviary and Rita and Mark. I spoke with Rita and knew she was the ‘one’. She knows everything about hyacinths and I could tell by speaking with her over the phone. I had to wait but 2 females hatched several months after contacting Rita and that’s when I got the call and had to make the decision – do I dare get another bird…

I am thrilled to say we DID get another bird. I live close enough to Rita and Mark to make the drive to the Aviary and meet both baby hyacinths. In no time at all I knew Saphhire was my girl. I had the opportunity to visit Sapphire several times before she was weaned. She is now part of our family and we love her so very much. Rita and Mark not only care for the baby birds but they teach them ‘beginner’ commands like “up-up”, “down” and the all important “gentle”.

Saphhire made herself right at home. I have dogs small and large and cats. On Sapphire’s first night home the cats and dogs were all ‘in her face’ (not literally) wanting to see who their new sister was. Sapphire took it all in stride, she didn’t get nervous at all, it was fascinating. She’s been home for about 3 weeks now and I feel as comfortable, not complacent, with her as I do my umbrella cockatoo who’s been with us for about 15 years.

Rita and Mark do such a great job at acclimating the baby birds to different species, socializing them, and working with and loving them that the birds really are wonderful (I met a few when we were visiting). Rita and Mark should be very proud of the excellent work they do. When I think about it, the price I paid for Sapphire is profoundly low when I think of the ‘wo/man hours’ that went into Sapphire’s rearing and weaning. I am so pleased with my new baby and I know enough about birds to know that if they don’t get the proper beginning it is a lot of work to ‘undo’ the damage.

Sapphire is so intelligent, gentle, loving and hilarious. Thank you to Rita and Mark for your dedicated work. I’d like to brag and say I have the best bird ever that came from Avian Adventures Aviary but I know it’d be a lie (especially since I met some of them).

Sacramento, CA

Max Hyacinth Macaw

Date: January, 2010

Max has now been with us for about a month and a half and he owns the family. We are writing to let you know how much we appreciate the caring and nurturing you provided in the time he was with you. Max is a loving, well-socialized pet that has obviously been the recipient of extraordinary, knowledgeable handling.

Your help and continuing guidance and concern reflects folks who take a deeply personal interest in the entire breeding process, including very substantial support that continues well after the bird’s arrival. Your website, too, is enormously helpful, including the recipes, links and guidance in welcoming this new arrival.

Thank you for all you have done for us and for Max. We were very much impressed when our son, Mike, purchased a blue and gold macaw from you and we continue to be delighted with your support. We look forward to keeping you apprised of Max’s development.

Rich and Sue
Washington D.C.

Denali Blue and Gold Macaw

Date: September, 2007

We found Mark and Rita via the internet, I contacted them and a few other breeders. We chose Mark and Rita because they were so much more friendly, they were willing to talk with us, and wanted to know something about us before they would offer us one of their beautiful babies. The other breeders also made it abundantly clear that once the baby was here at home, they no longer offered advice of any kind, Mark and Rita have told us all along that we were welcomed to call anytime, whether we had questions, or even just wanted to chat.

Rita emailed me in late March to let me know that we're going to start breeding their blue and golds. We were so excited!!! Then in April she sent another email, and informed us that our baby had been hatched, and a few days later the sweetest picture. She sent pictures every few weeks, it seemed like forever for us, and I plagued Rita's emails! Rita never lost patience with me and answered me every time. I know I must have driven her crazy!

Then the day finally arrived when she said that our little girl was ready to come home. They shipped four babies that day, the other three were able to stay together for a lot of their way, but poor little Denali was by herself from the get-go. She had to travel the least distance, and ended up being delivered just about last I think, due to plane delays. She'd been in her travel carrier all day long, and in the plane with a puppy, when she first saw us, she yipped just like a puppy and our real love affair began!

She didn't take long to warm up to us, she has her favorites, and a different relationship with everyone in the house, my husband, myself, and our three kids. She is sweet, funny, loveable,affectionate and calm. She's also the quietest little bird I've ever seen. She vocalizes a lot, but she doesn't scream, the only time she's loud, is when she's really excited and prould of herself, usually after getting away with something she knows she isn't supposed to do.

She makes us laugh every day, and Rita and Mark aren't lying when they say their babies love to be loved. I still email them regularly, and we'd still like to take a trip to meet them in person, Denali too of course.

We're so grateful to Rita and Mark, they are truly the best at what they do, and you can tell by talking with them how much they enjoy their companions!!!

Tracy and Byron,
Apple Valley, CA

Aspen Greenwing Macaw

Date: April, 2007

Rita and Mark,
Just wanted to update you on our first 6 months together. I couldn't have asked for a better bird. Aspen is the life of the party around here! We've been busy learning new tricks and saying hello. He's so responsive and affectionate. Loves to be held and rubbed all over. If done to long (about 60 seconds) he turns into a puddle of feathers.

The weather has started to warm up here and he now joins us for dog walks. Doesn't mind the feather tether and gets anxious to go, when he sees it. And the kids, they get so excited and squeal whenever we're out and about. Not quite sure who has more fun there?

He's still a big boy at over 3lbs. Eats everything offered and loves to drop food for the dogs.

I truly appreciate and applaud all the effort you both put into making him a mentally and emotionally well rounded bird. He's fearless, easy going and always willing to try something new. And looks forward to doing it. Makes taking the reins from you seem so effortless, especially from a beginners stand point. The best part is - you're only a phone call away if I need it.

Thank you again for the opportunity to be owned by an exceptional bird, from an equally exceptional breeder.

Auburn, WA

Kopi Blue and Gold Macaw

Date: February, 2007
From the O... family

Rita and Mark,

Kopi has now been part of our family for 3 months! She is an incredible being and our involvement with her goes so far beyond enjoying a "pet" that words just don't begin to describe the level of interaction and connection of spirits that exists with Kopi for each of us. Our wait for Kopi felt like forever; our experiences with the 2 pet shop birds that didn't work out that were the catalyst that led us to Avian Adventures Aviary now seems like fate. We were meant to find each other and for Kopi to be here. Everyday she makes me smile, laugh like a silly woman or just brings me to the point of tears - joyful-heartfelt tears of blessing for this gift that is Kopi. We cannot thank you both enough for the part you played in Kopi's first months of life. She is beautiful inside and out because of your love and care!

The best,
Love from Cyndi O...

Rita and Mark,

I was, at first, skeptical about taking on the responsiblity of another animal (in the zoo we already have). However, Kopi has turned out to be a welcome addition. I have the morning shift and we usually spend an hour or two playing and scritching. It is a fun way to start the day. As Cyndi would tell you, I am the spoiler, not much of a disciplinarian, but I think we get along well. Thank you for raising a healthy, beautiful bird and the advice you continue to give us. Kopi is Kool!!

Jay O...

Rita and Mark,

Thank you so much for the effort and care you put into Kopi to shape her into the amazing familiy member we have received. The wait was undeniably worth it, and based on what they have seen with Kopi, my friends may be future customers.

Kip O...

Rita and Mark,

I just wanted to let you both know that my family and I are truly blessed to have found you and our wonderful new addition to the family...Kopi! Not a day goes by that we are not amazed as to how intelligent this creature is and how lucky we are that she came from you! We love her more and more each day and can only imagine what the future holds as she matures further and we see her "true" colors. The " teen" years are approaching faster than we thought. LOL. Kopi is so smart and she is learning so many new things... It is very telling of where and who she came from. You guys gave us and raised up an exquisite animal (although she thinks she is a human) and we could not be more grateful! Your are the best! Take care and we will talk to you soon.

Kealy O...

The O... Family
Chesapeake, VA

Puck Blue and Gold Macaw

Date: September, 2006

Hi Rita and Mark,

I wanted to express how fortunate Bob and I are to have found you both!

When we began looking into getting our Blue and Gold, we did what most people do these days: we turned to the Internet, which is a great way to locate breeders and other resources. We visited countless websites for aviaries located everywhere, from California to New York. It was all a bit overwhelming, but we started making a couple of inquires--my e-mails simply asked if they had, or were expecting, any B&G's--people wrote back and offered to put our names on their waiting lists; no one asked a single question about us, personally.

When I wrote to you, you e-mailed back right away and asked to set up a phone call. I thought, "this is great--she actually cares who we are!" After speaking with you, I was convinced that Avian Adventures was where we would find our new flock member. I didn't care how long we had to wait for a baby. I wrote to the other couple of people of whom I'd make inquires and let them know we'd selected a different aviary.

When you invited us to Barbara Heidenreich's workshop that you were hosting in your home, we were thrilled--the opportunity to meet you, see the aviary and meet our baby was enough, but to participate in a workshop taught by someone of Barbara's caliber was doubly exciting--we couldn't wait!

Once inside your home, as the workshop began, it was evident that you and Mark were there to learn, right along with the rest of us--there was no feeling that you "knew it all already". That, to me, speaks volumes toward the amount of dedication you both possess--continuing education is vastly important in any arena, but when lives are involved, it is of the utmost importance.

Now--all that said, how did our baby, Puck, turn out? The answer is quite simply, "amazing." I have never known a more trusting animal--she has absolutely no fear--not an ounce. She is both loving and independent--a completely happy and well-adjusted bird. I could not have asked for, nor did I even expect, such a wonderful baby. Honestly, she really does "love to be loved."

The time and effort you and Mark put into raising these birds is quite obvious--I encourage anyone who is looking to bring a new bird-child into their lives to contact Rita and Mark. You'll know right away, just like we knew, that these are the people you want to raise your bird.

We will always consider you Puck's "biological" parents.

Thank you, again and always,

Emily and Bob
Los Altos, CA.

Billy Greenwing Macaw,

Date: October, 2006

The Story of Billy a very special green wing.

To all the folks out there looking for a special friend, you cannot get any better than buying your bird from Mark and Rita.

My story goes like this. One day last year while looking on the internet at Macaw breeders I came upon Avian Adventures Aviary. I sat there and read every part of their website. I was so impressed with what I read I called my husband and said we HAVE to meet these people! The adventure began by a warm call to Rita, then a deposit for a future EGG! owow were we excited!

Not to long, a call came that our baby was born, followed by pictures every few weeks. Everyone in our town got to see, my husband is a bartender so everyone down there saw to. Many people followed the progress of baby billy, it was so fun to share this with others. It finally came time to get to visit. We live six hours away and we could not wait to see the little fellow! When we arrived, it so happened that Barbara Heidenreich was doing a weekend class-- double bonus, that we saw our guy for the first time... cuddled in Rita's arms with four Blue and Golds, love at first sight!

We got an exceptional baby, he has been a complete joy in our lives and he has been given so much love and training that it makes our job to carry on so easy! It was great to also take the class there too and boy do you learn a lot, meet all kinds of parrot people and swap such FUNNY stories. A weekend of laughter and knowledge and you feel like you have been given an amazing gift to be able to live with these incredible creatures in harmony. The training and time Rita and Mark put into their birds is so worth it for the bird's future and yours. Billy is nothing but loving, so easy to handle and gets along great with our other two macaws -- going to the vet the other day was a joy -- and all this you get with Rita and Mark, these birds are raised with a good foundation and we have found it to be really easy to maintain it. THEIR BABIES LOVE TO BE LOVED!!!!!!!! and you will LOVE TO LOVE THEIR BABIES!!!!!!!!
I could not recommend them more!

We have Had Billy now for four months and Rita and I have been in touch every few weeks, she will be there to answer any questions you have and their knowledge is huge! She is extremely easy to talk to and every time you talk you will learn something more and isn¹t that what its all about?

If you are like me ­ out there reading sites... don¹t go any further... you have found who you are looking for... I just don't think it gets any better than these two, Mark and Rita.

Thank you for enhancing our lives soooooo much.

Buying one of these birds is a lifetime commitment and you have given us a lifetime of learning and enjoyment.

Big love and kisses from Billy

Karolynne and Doug
Half Moon Bay, CA.

Sammy Blue and Gold Macaw

Date: May, 2006

Hi Rita and Mark,

I really don't know where to start, but I guess saying thank you for starters is adequate.
Sammy has helped me and my family deal with the loss of a dear family member as you already knew. I can't say enough about how well trained your babies are and how easy the transition was for me. It was like you guys gave me a parrot with memorized instructions on how to behave and live life. Sammy is doing very well and learning a lot. He has become bilingual in that he has learned spanish and english words. I guess cause both languages are spoken in my household in order for my daughters to become fluent in both.
He loves to eat. Boy, does he love to eat, lol! He loves his grapes and other fruits. He will also destroy any toy that is put in his path. In addition, he enjoys his time in the play gym where he flaps his wings for everyone to see how beautiful they are.
Once again thank you Rita and Mark at Avian Adventures Aviary who made this possible.

Wesley Chapel, Florida

Mojo Greenwing Macaw

Date: December, 2005

Hi Rita,

Just an update to let you know Mojo is doing great. This guy has never met a stranger! He has yet to take a serious nip out of anyone. He likes to be held on his back and have his belly rubbed when we have our cuddles. He's very loving and wants cuddles first thing every morning. I had him out on his cage earlier today, and I went in the other room--the next thing I know, here he comes waddling down the hall looking for me! It was SO cute!
I've got a giant (well, 5 ft. tall) manzanita tree perch at my boyfriend's
house for our visits there. Mojo and he are buddies also, Mojo knows when my boyfriend comes over there's almost always a birdie treat involved. Shameless bribery, if you ask me!
Anyway, mommy and birdie are doing great! Just wanted to let you know!
Thanks again!

Houston, Texas

Buddy Blue and Gold Macaw

Date: November, 2005

We are fortunate to live an hour from Rita and Mark. While searching for a macaw, we visited several places from large pet stores to bird shops and breeders. Avian Adventures Aviary is completely different. The love, care, and individual attention each of their babies receive is beyond anything we found. From their meticulous feeding regime to their flight cage where the babies learn to fly and play, to the training... it is beyond belief.
I am amazed at how well our two daughters (12 & 9) and Buddy are doing together. Our youngest has a mild case of cerebral palsy. Rita and Mark showed them how to play on the table, work with Buddy and interact with him. Buddy has a special relationship with each of us. He loves to be cuddled. In fact, it is as important as his blueberries, and peanuts (Those are his favorite foods) The girls eat breakfast and dinner with him and love reading to him after school. He has become an important part of our family. Avian Adventures Aviary raises loving parrots. There is no one I would recommend more highly for a healthy, well socialized and loving family parrot.

Denise and Jim
Cottonwood, CA

Monkey Greenwing Macaw

Date: November, 2005

Hi Rita ~

Wanted to send you a note to let you know how we're doing. First, we've changed his name to Monkey from Matey. We felt that is WAY more descriptive of his personality. He is definitely a best buddy type of bird but he is so adventurous and an avid climber we couldn't resist the name change. He seems to really like the name and recognized it almost immediately. He is fully flighted and is doing really well with the flight training.
Monkey is very good at the recall command now and will fly back and forth from one of us to the other on command. We have been mainly rewarding him with affection since he seems to value that above the treats. The one thing that still totally amazes us is how docile he is. He will willingly climb onto anyone's hand and let them pet him! He is hands down the friendliest bird we have ever met.
Thanks for everything and Cheers!

Jeremy and Evelyn
Santa Rosa, CA

Tallulah Blue and Gold Macaw

Date: November, 2005

Dear Mark and Rita,
Tallulah has been home less than two weeks and she has changed the entire household. Her gentle squawks wake me every morning, her conversations with the rest of the "flock" keep me entertained all day, and her soft beak grinding is the last sound I hear at night.
I have never known such a well adjusted, loving parrot. She doesn't seem to know how to bite, she eagerly eats everything I offer, and the only sounds she makes are conversational, not screeching or demanding. I have taken her to my high school class and the students adore her. She flies to their arms on command, which thrills them. She shares their fruit at break and their hamburger buns (just a little) at lunch. "Ms. Hobbs, I think she likes me a lot!" Could there be anything more positive for their self images than the love of a big, beautiful baby girl? Years after graduation they may not remember the names of their teachers, but I know they will remember Tallulah.
I knew Tallulah was going to be precious the first time I met her when we made the trip up to your home and aviary. What a wonderful place for baby birds to begin their lives. It is so warm, safe and friendly. I loved sitting in your walk in, outdoor aviary and playing with all the birds. You have been a great help to me. Thank you so much for my "Baby LuLu". She is everything I had hoped she'd be.

Canyon Lake, CA

Blue Blue and Gold Macaw

Date: October, 2005

Hi Rita and Mark,

Just a short note to let you know that Blue is doing great !!!!!! You really fulfilled your promise on how sweet & gentle & loving your babies really are. Blue is still a Daddy's girl, much to his delight. LOL I must say as much as I love Beep (Congo African Gray) & Baby (Cockatoo), what a difference in getting a baby from you as to getting adult birds. It took a lot of patience & bites to earn their trust (They were both abused & had many different homes). When Blue wants to cuddle she says up, up & lifts her little foot, it's the cutest thing I've ever seen. She also says hello. She's not only beautiful but extremely smart as well... no bragging here on my part. LOL
You fulfill your promises a thousand fold on your babies, if you are ever in need of a reference, please feel free to give my name & number, or E-mail. I can't express enough how truly wonderful & loving Blue is. I wouldn't part with her for anything in this world! I would like to get a Green Wing in the future, & when I'm ready I will be calling you again!!! I know anyone that gets one of your babies will be blessed with such a gentle, loving baby they will fall head over heels in love as we have done with Blue. Well, I will close for now. Blue is up, upping & lifting her foot, last cuddle before bed. LOL Thank you doesn't seem adequate for my beautiful blue baby. She will be loved till the end of her days.
I gave her some mashed sweet potatoes tonight. She loved them. She has been eating great, isn't fussy at all. I have put some different things (Veggies & a bird recipe my neighbor across the road makes for her) in her crazy corn & she tries it all. She's a little bit spoiled. LOL Take care & Thank You again for my beautiful Blue!!!!!!

Kenduskeag, Maine

Sunny Blue and Gold Macaw

Date: September, 2005

It was about two years ago I decided that I wanted to get a Macaw. I started to search for a breeder and did not find one that I liked. This fall I found mark and Rita on the internet. They took the time to teach my family and me how to care for our new baby macaw. We were blessed to be able to get Sunny. He has a sweet disposition and is easy to care for, a real joy to be with. My father retired in December just before we went to pick Sunny up to bring home and they are now buddies. My dad now has a constant companion and I no longer worry about how he will fill his days. I would highly recommend avian adventures aviary if you are considering adapting a large bird. I am already planning to adopt a cockatoo this spring.

Fresno, CA

Dobby Blue and Gold Macaw

Date: November, 2004


Hope all is well with you. Dobby has been settling in more and more, and surprising us more and more with what a gentle, calm, sweet bird he is. I just wanted to share with you.

We have had a couple of friends come over swearing that nothing could convince them to touch such a large bird after knowing a conure or a budgie who was nippy - find themselves half an hour later holding Dobby and giving him scratches...and not wanting to put him down. One of them even described him as “So much less intimidating than the smaller birds.”

We have watched our nieces and nephew (4-6 years old) interact with him petting him (under close supervision of course), and crawling around behind him playing “follow the leader” around the house. Dobby showing no fear or aggression, only looking back every once in a while at his entourage.

We have taken him out around the neighborhood and shopping at a local pet supply store. He never seems nervous around the people who want to stop and admire and ask questions, and always gladly accepts a head scratch or two from anyone brave enough to ask if they can.

We have enjoyed watching him waddle around the floor of our house when we have had company over. Going to each stranger sitting on the floor of our tv room, climbing up onto their hand our lap to introduce himself, and climbing back down after a few minutes to make his way to the next person.

Thank you and thank Mark for all of the love and work you guys have obviously put into raising him. It shows more and more every day how special he is, and how fortunate he was to have you guys. If anyone is ever looking for a reference, please feel free to put them in contact with us.



Kokoma Greenwing Macaw

Date: Aug 2004

Our Adventure with Avian Adventures Aviary

The search was on, we had decided to add a greenwinged macaw to our flock this would be our last. So we searched and searched to find what we wanted. I have three other macaws so I pretty much was looking for someone that was not just a breeder, but someone that really loved and cared about the babies. I had actually passed up breeders because I just didn't feel the connection with them.

I found Avian Adventures on the internet (I thought ok I'll contact them like I did the rest)

Well I got the call from Rita we started talking and I knew this is where I would get my baby, the search was over never meeting them at this time I felt comfortable and knew I had made the right decision.

I had the privilege of visiting Kokoma and meeting Rita and Mark (we live about five hours away) It was an awesome visit. I felt a strange kind of connection confirming I had made the right decision. We spent most of the afternoon with them and enjoyed the visit tremendously. When we left we had smiles all the way home.

Kokoma has been home for a little over a month now, she is everything I could of imagined. She is sweet, loving, gentle.

I can't say enough good things about Rita and Mark. I am experienced with macaws and their babies show the loving way they raise them to become family members.



Darla & Tracy
Bakersfield, CA

Gracie Greenwing Macaw

Date: Mar. 2004

Gracie's Story

Well Gracie has been home now for a week and I wanted to update you on her progress. For those who don't know Gracie, she was a late baby last year (August). As the only baby with no clutch mates, Gracie had the opportunity to grow up with Rita's companion birds.

From the very beginning Gracie was a very different baby. She did not read the rule book prior to hatching. Gracie did everything different! Starting with belonging to a previous owner who was diagnosed with a chronic illness, and with Gracie's best interest at heart, decided that she would not be able to take care of her. So this owner relinquished this tiny little baby to find a new home. Rita and I had spoken prior to this as I was investigating breeders and looking for that special green wing baby.

To my surprise, Rita screened me, my family, my living/financial arrangements, and long term goals very closely to see if I was worthy of one of her babies. Well at that point Gracie belonged to someone else, but I passed the screening and was first on the list for the year 2004 to obtain a baby green wing. Then that wonderful day began and I got an email from Rita explaining the situation with Gracie and if I was interested she had a baby for me. Needless to say we jumped at the chance!

Why am I telling this story? I want everyone who is considering a new baby, be it green wing or not to do your homework. Check out the breeders and check out there statistics. Rita and Mark have done their homework; they know their business! They make promises, and they deliver! Their babies love to be loved and that is just what you get. A baby that knows nothing but love. Love from the day it leaves the nest and then through out its days with Rita, Mark and Lydia. Babies that are well adjusted, in top notch physical and mental condition, and eager to meet their new flock members. Of course price is always a consideration when making such an investment, but I am here to say that when you get a baby from Rita and Mark that you are getting way more than you ever pay for, and that is priceless!

Rita and Mark, thank you both for loving my little red chicken and preparing her for a new and wonderful life with us. Rod, Josh and myself could not be happier with Gracie. She is so much more than what we expected and look forward to a lifetime of adventures with her.

Thanks for everything!


Read the whole story!

Cheech Greenwing Macaw

Date: August 2003

Hi Rita and Mark,

Our family would like to thank you for raising such a beautiful bird. The time spent waiting was well worth it. He has been everything you promised and then some. I had been told by four other bird breeders that you have done an excellent job of raising Cheech. His temperament has maintained the same. He loves to cuddle. He does very well with our hectic household, and gets along well with the kids and dogs. Week after week he learns more and more. He is very good at begging for attention or food by saying 'Hello', and barks back at the dogs when he gets excited. We just recently finished his jungle scene mural in his play area, and its just awesome. It took him a little bit to figure out that the trees weren't real and couldn't step on them. I'll send you pictures as soon as I can.

Anyway, I thought I would fill you in on Cheech's progress. It's great! He will definitely be a lifelong companion. I hope to one day get him a partner, and when I do, I'll be sure to give you a call. Thanks for the great service you've given us. Your hard work with these birds really shows.

The Coles family,
New Cumberland, PA

Congo Greenwing Macaw

Date: Oct. 2003

Dear Rita and Mark,

I just wanted to thank you for doing such a wonderful job with Congo. The very first night we had him he was cautious, but loving. In less then a weeks time we had bonded. He will hear me in another room and fly off his play gym to come find me. The first time he did this he flew to the loveseat (close to his play gym) crawled down to the floor and came across the room to the chair I was sitting in. He then proceeded to climb up the chair sit on my chest and tuck his head under my chin so I could pet him. How cute is that! Your babies are true to your word, they love to be loved. He says Hello to me each morning and loves to cuddle. I just can't thank you enough for my beautiful baby greenwing.

We've had Congo for almost a month now and I just love him more each day. We've settled into a routine in which he is out of his cage most of the day. He loves his play gym and all his toys. His favorite thing (besides being loved) is to hang on his coiled rope I have in the kitchen by the window. There are several toys hanging on it and he absolutely loves to be on that thing. He's learned how to push himself off of one of the kitchen chairs so he can swing. He's so funny to watch as he plays. One of his other "fun" things to do is drop food from his play gym and feed my dogs.

I hope to send you a picture soon. Thanks for all your help and all your dedication to raising such wonderful companions.

Olathe, Kansas

Willow Umbrella Cockatoo
Cholla Greenwing Macaw

Date: Oct. 2003

Rita and Mark,

Richard and I started our mutual love for parrots with a 40+ year old one eyed pirate of a yellow nape named Bridgette that I was reunited with after 25 years. (I knew her from working in a pet store) She enriched our lives for a brief year, seeming healthy as a horse, then got very ill and passed away very quickly. (it turns out she had extreme lead poisoning from years of ignorance on the part of her many owners – what a hard way to learn to get my birds a vet check even if they seem fine! ) At any rate, she left a huge hole in our hearts, even though she was nasty to everyone but me! We then ended up with 4 birds from various rescue situations, one of whom came from a very irresponsible breeder and ended up costing us a couple thousand in medical bills and many months of rehabilitation.

We dearly love our birds, but we both still had that “dream bird”, mine being a cockatoo and my husband’s being a large macaw. We actually almost got a Moluccan that we felt sorry for because it languished in a local pet store for 2 years, but backed out because she was too much to handle and I just didn’t feel right about it. We’d been through too much already. Then, we almost got a baby Umbrella because we felt so sorry for it because it was begging for food every time we saw it, because it had been forced to wean at a specific age. The store told me, "now don’t you go helping him feel sorry for himself. He’s just being a big baby!” I am so thankful that I thought about it and realized that I didn’t want my dream bird to be another “rescue”, even though we’ve been lucky and all our rescues are wonderful, loving birds.

I always look at the ads in the bird mags and when I came across the ad for Avian Adventures aviary, I told my husband it was a local number. We looked at the web site. We looked at each other and said WOW! These folks really do it right!!! They socialize their babies, they do abundance feeding and no baby is weaned before it is ready. The testimonials from new owners were wonderful! They just happened to have female cockatoo available. We made an appointment, and they asked us a lot of questions to see if we were suitable to get one of their babies – we were impressed! We were able to visit our new baby Umbrella female –“Willow”- at least once a week, and even make payments until she was ready to go. In the meantime, a female Greenwing macaw that had been spoken for became suddenly available. We couldn’t believe it! When we visited, we played with our babies down in the “flight room” where they were allowed to fledge before they were weaned. They were so playful and fun, totally unafraid and full of self-confidence. They even let our 10 year old boy handle them! We now have them both home and they are fitting in beautifully, even though our house can be pretty chaotic.

Willow, the Umbrella cockatoo has an amazing outgoing and fun personality and goes to everyone in the family. Cholla the Greenwing is the sweetest thing I have ever met and just melts in our arms. Both are eating well. Rita and Mark gave us a very thorough list of all the many healthy foods they were accustomed to. We are so happy to be having this perfect experience getting our “dream birds”! They have rounded out our little flock to perfection! Thank you Rita and Mark!!!

Sharon and Richard
American Canyon, CA

Marley Greenwing Macaw

Date: Oct. 2003

Thank you Rita & Mark

Marley is such a treat. He is everything that I expected and wanted in a companion parrot. He is extremely gentle and interactive with me. He seeks out attention.

For those of you out there that are trying to decide on a breeder, I would definitely go to Avian Adventures Aviary for your companion parrot. I personally have kept parrots as companions for 30 years. I use to tame imported wild caught parrots for companions back in the 70's. Rita calls those times the "Dark Ages" of raising parrots (minimal information for proper care). I personally telephoned or website browsed about 40 breeders before I chose Rita and Mark. On my initial telephone call to Rita I was given (I call it) an interview to make sure that I knew what I was getting into as well as if I myself was worthy of one of their birds. I am glad I passed.

Being local to the area where Avian Adventures is located I was able to and encouraged to visit their establishment. I was told that my helping with the babies (play time) would make for a better companion. I visited the birds every chance I had, probably five times from the time they were just starting to feather. My bird Marley was part of a three-sibling clutch. His clutch mates are Congo and Cholla. I was also introduced to Wingnut, Cheech and later Gracie, three other Greenwing babies as well as Willow one of the most amazing Umbrella Cockatoos I have ever seen. I also witnessed on television the discovery/hatching of Gracie. All of the parrots that I mentioned have extremely nice temperaments and were always very playful. I made a mistake on one of my visits. I taught Marley how to bite. Rita worked with Marley to make sure that he realized that biting was bad behavior. To her credit I have had no problems with biting.

My neighbor and her three children (ages 4, 8, and 10) came over to my house one night to see Marley for the first time. Typically this doesn't set well with most birds (children seem to scare a lot of birds). To Marleys credit he was very calm and relaxed around them. They each took turns holding him with no problems at all. To Rita and Mark's credit their own companion Greenwing (Chico) is the most physically beautiful Greenwing I have ever seen.

Marley means a great deal to me as I had recently lost my companion parrot of 10 years "Catfood" (Amazon Mexican Redhead) to a bacterial infection. This was the first time in 30 years that my house had no parrot. It was eerily quiet. I am very happy to have Marley as part of my family.


Livermore, California

Braveheart Greenwinged Macaw

Date: Mon, 3 Feb 2003

Rita and Mark,

Thank you so much for such a precious bird. He is a testament to your abilities as breeders. Ian's Redfronted is a very sweet bird, but Braveheart even surpasses him. Anyone that may want to contact us regarding your abilities, please do not hesitate to let them, we will speak to all that may want to communicate with us, and we will pass on our thoughts of your extreme professionalism and honest caring for the birds you raise. We will keep in touch, and send pictures.

Ben and Melissa
Knoxville, Tennessee


Date: Sat, 21 Dec 2002

Rita & Mark

You did it again. Just like Jasmine AKA Jazzie, Laddie is healthy, happy, lovable, cuddly, gorgeous and confident. He made his plane trip with ease. He was out of the carrier and comfortable as soon as we left the airport. He sat in my lap and cuddled then proceeded to get on the head rest and watch the traffic. He was calm the entire ride home. As soon as we were home he ate, played with toys and allowed everyone to cuddle him.

The credit for his calm, sweet, lovable and confident demeanor goes to both of you. The care and love you give your babies before they go to their permanent homes is nothing less than incredible.

As I type this Laddie is sitting on my chest with his head safely tucked under my chin. Does not make typing easy but he is happy.

I do not even know how to thank you again. Words seem inadequate to thank you both for the beginning you gave Laddie. It is that beginning that will make Laddie a wonderful therapy bird. I look forward to the adventure he and I have ahead of us. He is perfect just like Jazzie. (Porscha might not agree with the "perfect" Jazzie statement, lol)

I will keep you updated with the progress of Knight, Beauty and Jazzie accepting Laddie into their flock.

Take care of yourselves. Have a very Merry Christmas. And again from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU!

Rossanna, Knight, Beauty, Jazzie and Laddie
Topeka, Kansas


Date: Jan 13, 2003

I just wanted to send you a note about Avian Adventures.

I purchased a beautiful well-weaned female umbrella cockatoo (Kiesha) from Avian Adventures. Rita and Mark are extremely kind and knowledgeable in socializing their birds and I learned a lot while visiting Kiesha to bond with her.I am very pleased with Avian Adventures and the fact that they give any advice that I need for as long as I need it.
Kiesha is extremely acrobatic and loves to hang upside down on her boing. She makes all kinds of RRRRRR sounds and loves to be in our company. Kiesha has adapted very well to our schedule and has a wonderful personality so I always Iook forward to seeing her when I come home. Rita and Mark do an exceptional job raising and socializing their birds.

Brisbane, CA


Date: Thursday, February 21, 2002 10:06 AM


I would like to thank you for Jasmine. To tell you that she has stolen my heart is an understatement. From the moment I got her off of the plane I could tell from her relaxed demeanor inside of the carrier what an amazing little lady she is. I took her out of the carrier and she rode in my lap giving me kisses and cuddling all of the wayhome. She immediately made herself at home with not only myself but with my other two babies my Blue and Gold Macaws. It is so obvious what a beginning she received with you. She is sweet, lovable, funny and most importantly confident with herself. She would be none of those things if it were not for you and the love and care you gave her. I speak from experience in previously dealing with a breeder that had no morals or ethics what heartache it can cause. As I began my search for a greenwinged I must have looked at over 100 websites, talked to about 50 different breeders until I came upon your website. I knew immediately from your website and in speaking to you that I had found the best breeder. To say thank you for allowing me the privilege and honor of owning Jasmine seems inadequate. You promised me a healthy, happy, confident bird and you delivered in abundance. I now promise you that for all of my days Jamine will receive the same love and caring that you began her life with. If I ever decide to expand my macaw family I will look no further than you.
Rossanna Waggle
Topeka, Kansas

Date: Sunday, February 10, 2002 9:28 PM


Again to say thank you for Jasmine is an understatement. She truly has so much self confidence that she acts like she has been her always. I also think that she would eat anything that didn't eat her first, lol. Tonight I gave her warm sweet potatoes and she wanted more and proceeded to toss all of her seed and pellets out of her dish. I think it was her way of protesting that the sweet potatoes were gone. My husband laughed and said that he has a feeling that she will be the sweetest brat (with the emphasis on brat) that we could ever have and said she definitely knows how to wrap me around her feathers. She is not only sweet and beautiful but also very intelligent. If anyone ever asks you for a reference before buying one of your babies you can give out my phone number. All breeders should take a lesson from you. If ever there was a person that should write a book about breeding and raising macaws it would be you. I will keep in touch and let you know how Jasmine is doing. She has stolen all of our hearts. Again, thank you.


Date: Wednesday, January 23, 2002 10:55 AM

I cannot say enough good things about the service I received from Rita and Mark at Avian Adventures Aviary. After I decided I wanted to purchase my "Bappy" from a Breeder and not a pet store, I went through many websites unimpressed until I found Sure, the prices were a little higher, but it is well worth the extra money spent. You get so much more in the end, a healthy, happy, pre-trained, and well adjusted "Bappy." After I talked with Rita on the phone I was even more impressed and mailed out my deposit the next day. Rita and Mark let me make payments on my baby Green-Wing Macaw until he was weaned. They kept me up to date about my growing baby via e-mail with lots of pictures and stories. Lonzo, my baby Green-Wing, was shipped to me on December 7, 2001, without any trouble and in perfect health. He is absolutely beautiful and "Loves to be Loved." I have many other pets and small children, all of which Lonzo gets along with beautifully. You can definitely tell he was well socialized and loved by how quickly he adapted to a family atmosphere.

Stacey/Canton, IL


Date: Saturday, February 23, 2002 8:13 PM

I have always wanted to be owned by a large bird. I started checking into the Macaws, and found the Blue and Gold would be for me and my family. I started researching, and came across Avian Adventures Aviary. Mark and Rita are exceptional people, and have supported my family completely through this. They are looking for exceptional homes to place the babies into, and are extraordinarily supportive with any questions or concerns. They also like to hear how the baby has adapted. I couldn't have imagined getting a parrot any other way. The babies are very well socialized, and therefore have a wonderful adjustment into their new environment.

And he said.." those who give, shall receive
in a greater abundance a far more valuable
reward, than what was given. For there is no
greater gift, than that which is given, truly from
the heart.!"


Date: Tuesday, January 1, 2002 6:18 PM

Hello Rita,
Merlot and I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how we are doing and to thank you once again, for such a well adjusted, loving GreenWing baby.

She is the lovable gal you promised and the extra time you take to spend with your babies is evident in so many ways. She came home and settled right in, with minimal stress, and has become such a wonderful part of my life.

Merlot and I look forward to many happy years together and one day we hope to retire in the Florida sunshine and spend our days gazing at the ocean as the sun sets.

Many thanks for such a precious friend and for being there every step of the way, for us and all of our questions...

Lisa & Merlot from Michigan


February 24, 2002

Dear Rita and Mark,

I am so grateful for the ways that you raised my little blue and gold macaw, Beau. He began his tiny little life in your loving hands and now is a living tribute of your love and endless dedication. I appreciate all that you did for him like feeding him a variety of foods fit for a king, cuddling, instruction and stimulating him with classical music and soothing voices. It is nice to know he has spent time playing with you and interacting with colorful toys to develop his curiosity and playfulness. You’ve showered him with abundant love and infinite patience and it shows. I can see it in his behavior and radiant plumage. Beau is affectionate and trusting and playful. He is willing to try anything new and is not afraid of new experiences. He welcomes them! He also makes me laugh as he discovers his new macaw voice, sounding like a frog one minute and Povoratti the next. I giggle when he starts to laugh and we crack up together.

My heart melts into the beauty and intelligence of him. He is an emotional being with real feelings and needs . There is such an interplay of trust growing between us as we bond and get to know one another. I have had lots of pets in my life, but nothing compares to the quality and depth of communication we share, it is beyond anything I have ever known. As I look into his eyes I see the wild in him, the intelligence and loving trust he has for me. You smile and say to me, "this is only the beginning, it grows deeper". I have embarked on such a wonderful journey with my winged companion. As this relationship blossoms, I am so thankful and impressed by your magnificent work. Beau is a treasure and a gift because of you and your devoted labor of love.

Thank you for your unending support and guidance. I’ve discovered it did not stop when I brought Beau home. You’ve supported and guided me by example and patience on how I can be the best mom a parrot can have.

Warmly with thanks,

Sheree English


I Brought my baby boy home with me about a year ago, "The Big Kahuna" I had to wait for him to wean because Avian Adventures does not force wean their birds they abundance wean. It was well worth the wait. He was provided with such nurturing guidance and love he slid right into our routine with out missing a beat. My husband races motorcycles and we take Kahuna with us, even with all the commotion, people and engines, he just sits on his stand basking in the sun on one foot. So well adjusted and socialized he enjoys every moment. You can really see the difference in Rita and Marks babies, and I owe all of our happiness to Avian Adventures!

attached is a good pic of Kahuna.
See Ya

Lisa Whitworth
Eggstra Eggzotics Aviaries
Breeders of Exotic Companion Parrots
Santa Cruz Mountains

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